Friday, 6 September 2013

A long trip around the South East Coast to Nelson revealed a rugged and very dangerous coastline with many ship wrecks occurring at Port MacDonald and Carpenters Rocks.

Carpenters Rocks is a crayfish port with a very dangerous launching bay.

Pelican Point above.

Blackfellow Caves another Crayfishing port.

Nenes Valley.

 Port MacDonald, the most southern tip of SA and at Cape Northumberland, the site of many shipwrecks.

This is Picaninny Ponds, a very deep sink hole in the midst of wetlands near Nelson. Lots of bird life and frogs thrive in this small Nature reserve. Scuba divers make fresh water dives in the pond above, but it is a dangerous dive and people have died here.

The plants at Picaninny Ponds have their feet wet as the fresh water rises up through the sandy ground and floods the surrounding wetlands.

 Over the dunes and you are on a very long and dangerous beach.
On the way back from Nelson, the road is framed by Pine forests to feed the Kimberley Clarke mill.

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