Sunday, 1 September 2013

Just before I left Adelaide River, I was privileged to see the most amazing Eco house on the Roper River Road just out of Adelaide River. The house sits on a saddle between two very high hills.  It is an open plan stell home with roller doors on all four sides. Around the one open plan room there was a 3 metre wide verandah completely fly wired in all around.

The ceilings are not lined because the air that is brought up through the canterlevered roofs attached to the outside of the building catching the cool air coming up the valleys to the saddle.  The hot rising air is sucked out of the ceiling by whirlygigs on the roof of the one main room. No ariconditioning and the house was so cool.  I was there during the hottest part of the day.
The sunny side of the roof is covered with solar panels to run the fridge, pump,TV etc. The stove is gas, but this is the only power they buy. Because they are more than 5kms from the highway, they don't pay rates.  All water is collected from the sheds and the house so no water costs. Needless to say they are now attempting to grow their own food.

This is the bathroom which is at the end of the verandah. The roller doors have only been closed once when they had a cold night in 8 years. They built the house themselves over two dry seasons.

These are the valleys on the West and East sides of the saddle where the house is situated. The house is termite proof because it is all steel. No bills, no overheads, I was very impressed and inspired.

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