Saturday, 31 August 2013

Smarting from a new rash of mozzie bites and my arrest at Elliot, I left Rinner Springs after a poor night's sleep.  I did hear curlews calling in the night, their cries like dogs howling at the moon. Back and forth, back and forth they wailed.  Driving back the way I had come up was a way of recognising aspects of the country, I had not realised before. Such as the red dirt of the centre begins just out of Tennant Creek. And as the centre approaches so do the wildflowers and roadside greening. Alice Springs obviously had had good rains as the flowers became thicker and thicker as I headed South. Waking at Erldunda, the bird calls were all different. The whistling kites, curlews and squabbling blue winged kookaburras were silent and I heard magpies and crows instead. As I headed south from Erldunda, I could see a grey line of clouds and I careered under them just 100kms north of Coober Pedy.  They stayed with me until Port Augusta and even tried to rain around Woomera.
Straight down the highway. And the highway is straight down!

Flowers everywhere painting the landscape and lighting the desert with yellow. The wattle formed beautiful borders along the road from Erldunda to Woomera.
Rain over the Woomera plains.
Lake Hart just North of Cooby Pedy.

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