Sunday, 11 August 2013

Boab avenue of honour outside of the Kununurra Resort.  These beautiful trees are a sudden and comforting sight on the road throughout the Kimberley. Please forgive my attachment to these trees, but I am leaving the Kimberley with the Boab images. They grow in numbers just west of Gregory National Park all the way through to Broome.  50ks south of Broome and you will not see a Boab tree anymore. They wave cheerfully at you like fat ladies lining the highway. They are smooth and full of baubles of seed like decorated Christmas trees when they are young and fat and wrinkly with no leaves in the dry when they are old. They offer refuge at roadside stops and even were used as prison trees in the old days outside of Derby and on the Gibb River Road. The blackfellas treasure them as their seeds are a rich source of vitamin C. These trees are ancient immigrants from south Africa and have seen it all.
Rest area outside of Derby.
Broome Avenue of honour opposite the old courthouse.

Fitzroy Crossing Boab.
The three sisters.
All decked out for Christmas in Kununurra Park. So with this I leave the Kimberley and these old fat ladies are waving me off.

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