Sunday, 4 August 2013

No Greater love hath an Auntie who will travel 800 kms to see her nephew.  Went to halls Creek today to see my nephew and his family in Halls Creek.  Along the way, I intended to spedt time at Fitroy Crossing at some of the places along the Fitzroy River where I have worked, but all the riverside flats and camping grounds along the Fitzroy are now quarantined because of the proliferation of the Noogoora Burr which was the plant I was employed in those days to eradicate. This burr is waterborne and the cattle pick it up in their fur as they drink at the river and graze on the river flats. It will and has done in parts of Australia, destroyed the wool growing industry. once the burr is in wool it is impossible to remove.
The single lane trestle bridge over the Fitzroy River at the Crossing.

As close as I could get to the Fitzroy River without breaching the quarantine laws.

Ther are some 300 different species of termites in the Kimberley.  these mounds can be huge and as tall as the surrounding bush. They reflect the type of earth in the area. Mounds on creek beds and floodways are white and grey respectively and the desert ones are this deep pulsing red. The termite mounds in the NT are different altogether as they are fluted and built with a view to the suns affect on the mounds temperature and so they called magnetic.

The badlands of the Gnuman Cliff jump up east of Fitzroy Crossing.
The Erskine Range jump up West of Fitzroy Crossing.

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