Sunday, 25 August 2013


I decided to return to Batchelor after leaving the Kimberley and have spent these last few weeks with my sister in Batchelor.  We are now at the beginning of the wet season and the humidity is beginning to build, only to be relieved by a rainy night and some more cooler weather.
The burned areas of bush now have lime green regrowth glowing in the landscape.

Finnis River swamp on Cameron Downs station. Rich with water bird life and insects.

This little spider builds its web in the hoofprints of cattle in the swamp. The mud is dotted with them like snowdrops on ground.
In the gardens in Batchelor is this castle replica built in great detail by a Czech working in the Rum Jungle mine, such was the loneliness of the man who had nothing else to do on his days off. It is Karlstein Castle originally built for the King of Moravia. I always say the Czechs are mad! It is above all else incongruous as well as unexpected in the NT.
The local policeman's horse has just foaled.  This for the horse lovers. They have a very tough life in the NT.

This fire is currently burning in the Batchelor/Litchfield road and will creep along the bush unattended for several days.

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