Thursday, 29 August 2013

These last three weeks have been spent with my sister Chris and doing reflexology at the Adelaide River market. Adelaide River is the last stop before Darwin and is a busy stopping place for caravanners and road trains.  My last week there was spent doing reflexology on 7 walkers who walked from Townsville to Darwin to raise money for legacy.Adelaide River is a beautiful little town with the soldiers cemetery for those who died in the Darwin attacks by the Japanese.

Chris found one of our relatives who had died at the time. Each headstone had a different quote from the bible.

This memorial park has the most beautiful and serene feel about it. Surprising considering the circumstances of their death.  Darwin RSL has a very big service here on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.
This magnificent tree stands at attention just outside the memorial park.
And the Adelaide River itself.

Bushy's Books at the Adelaide River market.
These little lorikeets were busy in the trees above us using their feather tongues to gather nectar from the trees above and shower us all with tiny yellow flowers.

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