Monday, 2 September 2013

Easy driving now from Port Augusta to Adelaide. Keeping the Spencer Gulf on my right and the Stirling ranges on my left, I am driving through the lush landscape of South Australia' s sheep wheat/canola farming area.  Wind turbines dot the hills and lazily turn above sheep grazing in the paddocks. whole hillsides are brilliant Van Gogh yellows with the burgeoning canola crops. After the North, it is almost obscenely green.

Port Germain pier.  The shed at the end of the pier states Broome Pearling Company which I found fascinating.  There is no information connecting Port Germain to Broome.
These towns along the Spencer Gulf are very old and their buildings very beautiful. This building is in Port Germain, but I saw others just like this in Port Wakefield and Port Pirie.

Port Pirie . Still an active Port.

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