Friday, 14 June 2013

Sleeping underground was peaceful and quiet.until 5 am when the four wheel drivers roared off into the sunrise.  Last night we had a tour of an opal mine and learnt to divine for veins of opal.  The jewel in the crown, was a tour of Faye's.  Faye arrived here with her friend Sue in the fifties and dug out her own house, complete with three bedrooms, pool, games room and a bar.  The caretakers of Faye's house are the most generous of people and gave us a lot of their time.  They answered all our questions about the fur kangaroo rug which was made by hand from fox, roo, rabbit and dingo fur.  Faye opened her home to all the tourists who first came to Coober Pedy along a dirt track.  Her opal mine is below the house and still has opal veins in  it today for mine tourists to see. The energy in the house was beautiful. Peaceful and great respect for the earth.  Unlike the surrounding environment, where miners have gouged holes and heaped mullock all over the town.  The earth looks raped and dishevelled from years of opal fever driven intent.  We also met Matilda at Faye's. She is a rainbow lorikeet and she was our welcoming party. The friendliest of birds, she talked to us and muttered to herself as she crawled all over us. There has been so much rain here we were unable to go out to the Breakaways, but we did cross a beautiful creek bed which was dry, but had the most gorgeous of trees growing in its bed.

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