Monday, 17 June 2013

We left Coober Pedy Sunday.  The landscape quickly reverted to open woodland consisting mainly of Mulga bush and black Casurina.  How we labour under the delusion that the desert is empty is beyond me.  The centre is full of the most interesting and beautiful vegetation.  Sunday night we camped at Agnes Creek, a free campsite.  For those of you trying to contact me, my phone has no reception but my 4G wifi works a beauty. So we are perched at Erldunda ready to leave for Uluru tomorrow. There wont be any reception out there either and as we are there for two days don't worry.  I found some beautiful wildflowers at Agnes Creek and of course the wonderful white trunked gum.  The landscape at Agnes Creek was amazing with thousands of galahs calling and squabbling as they settled in the trees for the night. I had to get up during the coldest of nights, I was wearing pyjamas, singlet, thermals, tracksuit, beanie, socks and still felt icy cold, but the stars were coming down on me as I walked out in the night.  They were big and bright, I could almost see by them without the torch.
 These emus hang around the Erldunda campsite.  The owners have a trough of water for them to come and drink from.  I saw them wandering down the sandhill to the trough where they hung around for awhile.