Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thursday, and we decided to spend another day in Woomera.  Found this town totally deserted on my walk to the shop today. It is the modern day ghost town. Tthere are 20 children attending the school in years prep to 12. There are block upon block of two story accommodation in motel style buildings all over the town which was built in main by the US to house defence force personnel and scientists who were testing rockets and bombs here. There is a theatre, bowling alley, hospital, youth centre, two schools all empty.  Less than 75 k s away the BHP Biliton group have injected huge funds to build the exact same resources for workers in the Olympic Dam mine.  It is a vital town with a huge Woolworths and a population of 3000.  Please note the accommodation of the rich and the poor in this caravan park.

Thats me !

We drove out to Roxby Downs in my car and the landscape was bare and the curve of the earth filled the landscape.  Then quite suddenly we are among the mallee with undulating hills and the rich red soil.  this little red flower is the only sign of colour in the gardens of Woomera. I dont know what it is , but it shone like a jewel in all that silent waste.


  1. Love your accommodation :)

  2. Love your accommodation :)

  3. Well its wasnt as bad as I thought, Helen. I miss my foot swaps and my feet are letting me know it. Hope you're getting lots of work. Off to Uluru tomorrow. Viv