Wednesday, 19 June 2013

We visited the botanical gardens in Alice Springs today.  These gardens were established by an aboriginal activist of the 1930, Olive Pinks. When she was 72 she established the reserve for central australian plants. The garden today has over 400 different species of Central Australian plants.  It is a very peaceful and beautiful park. I saw several varieties of wattle including the wattle, which occurs around Pooncarie.  All were in flower.  We also saw the Australian Ringnet parrot feeding in the trees planted there. This woman was way ahead of her times and my hat goes off to her with gratitude as she saw the beauty of the flora of the area.


  1. Thoroughly enjoying your blog - keep up the good work! Following the wettest 1st two weeks of June on record, the last couple of days have been glorious although -4 at Coldstream this morning!

  2. It has been very cold at night, but the days are glorious. Glad you are enjoying the blog. We are leaving the Alice tomorrow. Blue has had an accident with catching a blackberry thorn in his eyeball. He had to go to an eye specialist. That,ll cost me. Hope you are all well.