Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Decided on a day in Wyndam although it has failed to impress before.  Wyndam was developed as a deep sea port by the Durack family to export cattle to their markets. It is very strange to see ocean going ships sitting in the West Arm of the Cambridge Gulf surrounded by the estuaries of five rivers, mangrove and many little creeks. These days the port is still operating, but not as busy as before.and many buildings, including the meatworks lay rotting in the heat. In the Old Town, called Wyndam Port, there are also many shops abandoned and businesses just left to the environment.

Views from Five River Lookout of the five rivers bleeding into the West Arm, the Pentecost, the Ord, The Durack, The King and the Forest Rivers.

The Grotto Is just out of Wyndam.
This is a sad and lonely place. The staircase down is a trip of terror for those of us afraid of sheer drops.

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