Saturday, 27 July 2013

Driving out onto the vast plains of the East Kimberley along roads as straight as they are unrelenting in their approach to the old curve of the horizon. The vegetation is stunted once more but prolific and the shoulders of the road are peppered with the fallen pollen of the wattle trees which hedge the way all along.  The tallest trees are the Boabs which have been with me since Victoria River. This country is like home to me. I know it so well from Fitzroy to Broome because of my time with the Ag Department in 96. It feels very close to me. And so onto Broome. Tourist mecca of the west!  It displays the beauty and the ugly of this industry.  The natural wonders that is Broome and the unholy mess of an unregulated tourist destination.

Sunbaking Cable Beach side.

 These appealing patterns on the beach are made by little sand crabs at low tide.
These rectangular flat rocks are typical of Cable Beach.

The beautiful and strange rock formations at Gantheaume Point.
The only house at Gantheaume Point owned by the Fong family who had the first and for many years only general store in Broome. Now millionaires with 180 degrees views of the Indian Ocean.
Port of Broome.
The mess that is Minyirr Beach.
Bus stops Broome style.

Roebuck Bay with mangroves at high tide.

Where Pindan meets beach sand.

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