Sunday, 7 July 2013

We have just returned from two days in Kakadu National Park. What a privilege to have access to such sacred and beautiful places. I was moved to read of the Aborigine calendar based on the seasons and flowering plants of the area as well as the wet and dry and the importance of the fires in the dry. This cultural centre is at Bowali.  Maguk Gorge was reached via a dirt track of 19 kilometres, red dust, corrugation and termite mounds.

Maguk Gorge
 Bowali Cultural Centre.

We spent all of the second day at Ubirr where there is lots of rock art.  The quiet and the beauty of this place is overwhelming. There is a lookout over the wetlands which stretches for miles, even in the dry. The lime green vegetation of the wetlands, the red sandy edges of the water de marking the wet season levels red black and orange rocks are all the natural palette of the artist. So beautiful.
Garranga rreli - woman creation spirit of the rainbow serpent.
After, Ubirr, we were very fortunate to take a boat cruise up the East Alligator River with a man from Arnum Land and he told us the stories from his culture. He also showed us the trees and plants that they use for foods and medicines as well as the token crocodile and many features of the rocks above us including art and other sacred places of ceremony.  We spent some time ashore in Arnum land.

East Alligator River.

 White Heron.

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