Friday, 26 July 2013

Left Kununurra once more on Thursday. Gave me a chance to really appreciate the majestic landscape here in the west Kimberleys.The road winds through the mighty escarpments, bombies and drop offs, known around here as jump ups, while the road hugs the ancient ocean floor.  It is impossible to not think of the sea as you drive through this country. Then just before Fitzroy Crossing, you erupt out and onto the giant plains of the East Kimberley. But I am ahead of myself, as I stopped for lunch at a free campsite, Mary River Crossing which was so peaceful that I stayed there for the night.

The corellas fussed and flew off several times before the sunset forced their settling in these huge ghost gums on the river bank.
And this beautiful old gum tree sheltered my tent for the night.

There was lots of wild life in this campsite. During the night, I was visited by two tiny quolls.  These little animals are under threat from the cane toad as their diet consists of frogs and tadpoles and the cane toad is poisonous at all stages of development.The lands department also think that the Johnson River Crocodile will also be affected by the progress west of the Cane Toad.

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