Tuesday, 9 July 2013


We went to Litchfield National Park yesterday.  There were many swimming holes with beautiful little waterfalls which we could swim in.  The water was very soft and you could easily see the bottom.  We walked along the Florence Creek from Buler Waterhole to the Florence Falls, but there were so many people there we walked back along the track and found our own waterhole for just us.  We visited Wangi Falls which was also very busy, but as it was a bigger swimming hole under the falls, we had a lovely swim there as well. Afterwards, we lay on the grass and watched the whistling kites overhead, circling, circling and  drifting in the thermals.
Buler Waterhole.

Along Florence Creek.
Florence Falls
Wangi Falls

Tolmer Falls.
We also saw lots of fruit bats, squabbling and nattering in the trees above us as we walked. Impossible to photograph as they were so high up in the tallest of the trees.

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